Writing and Lou Diamond Phillips

I wouldn’t want to imagine my life without writing. My writing. How could I ever just sit at home and not write or not think about writing? Writing words down on paper isn’t something I do every hour of the day, but I know that it’s always an option that I have. Words and words, they all add up. Sometimes they form stories, sometimes poetry (pfft!), and many times they end up harsh critiques. I would go crazy if I wasn’t able to rely on writing.

This blog is going to be for personal purposes. It’ll be composed of the things that I feel are important to comment on or events that I would like to share with others, such as our journey to becoming first time home owners our the darn things Sebastian says from time to time. These things will add up, pile up on one another in the timeline, replacing the previous with new ideas and thoughts and emotions. I think only Philip Roth can get away with using so many “ands” without commas. Again, I can’t fathom the thought of not having this option to write, type, express.

I would, however, like to imagine my life in a world where Lou Diamond Phillips didn’t wind up making Sci-Fi channel movies and cooking on Food Network reality game shows with Guy Fieri.


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