Real Estate Heartbreak

My parents warned us. It was the first piece of advice they gave us: don’t get attached to a house. It’s like a bitter break up.

There’s a lovely little house that sits right in from of a canal in the Woodlawn area here in San Antonio. Grey, white, and with some black accents. How much more perfect can it get? A lot more. It has three bedrooms, newly carpeted, gorgeous dark wooden floors. In our minds, this home was made for us. And so for a week or so here we were with this delusion that this house was ours. We were making plans in our heads, thinking of improvements and the lawn work, a little office in the front bedroom. I sense Lowe’s weekends ahead. But then came the punch to the gut.

On our way to Rod and Alyssa’s house we decided to pay our home a visit (at ten o’clock at night). We exited Woodlawn and drove all the way down Mistletoe to the spot in front of the canal where the house sits. We also figured this would be a good opportunity to see what the neighborhood is like at night. To our relief everyone turns on their porch lights and there is a streetlight directly in front of the house. We parked the car in front of the house like total creeps. Of course here come the stares of admiration and sighs hmmm at the thought of living in this lovely house. However, something seemed off. I pointed out that the “For Sale” sign was no longer staked into the dead grass of the front yard. I frantically pulled out my phone and checked the Zillow application on my phone. And yes, we’re aware that Zillow isn’t completely reliable, but we use it as a supplemental method of house hunting when the realtor takes too long to get back to us. “Not for sale,” said the Zillow page for the house on Mistletoe, the perfect Hernandez-Frausto home. The heart (or favorite symbol) on the house’s page went from a bright red to a dying grey, dying like our hearts. Then came the gasp. We’re too late.

Mauricio is pissed with the realtor. My mom says to find a new realtor if we see that she continues to push us back. Oh, I didn’t tell you guys that she cancelled our appointment for house showings yesterday. Well, that happened. We could be bitter about it just like a bad break up: Well, I hope you drown in the next flood, you dumb and worthless house! But I guess it’s time to jump back into the game, the house-dating pond.

The only positive thing that I can pull from this experience is the chance to take other prospective homes seriously. We were comparing every other house we saw to this one on Mistletoe. In other words, we were so set on this Mistletoe house that we weren’t even giving other houses the time of day! The house hunting continues. We watch HGTV a lot and I tell Mau how much I wish we could appear on shows like Property Brothers or House Hunters, but we laugh because apparently our standards are way too low compared to the couples that appear on those shows.

To happy and not-too-lengthy house hunting!


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