70’s Wood Paneling: Sifting Through the Uglies

3907250016_194bafeee5_zThe title says it all. If you (house) have wood paneling and/or pink or mint green tiles in the bathroom, you’re getting a big fat click on NOT INTERESTED. Let me go grab my oblong coffee table and turn dial television set! Luckily we haven’t come across any carpeted restrooms, but we still have 100 more homes to sift through, so it’s not improbable. Leave your 70’s and 80’s eyesores at home (or don’t actually). Only The Brady Bunch made these things look passable, but then again, they were also able to make white bellbottoms and chic mullets look good (and yes, they were essentially mullets!). The only good thing about these home features is the prospect of improving our home’s equity by remodeling the uglies, but we’re only college students, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Lowe’s and Home Depot weekends are still 2+ years in the future. Thanks for raising my standards, Pinterest, and then sending them flying out the window.

Everyone says we’re lucky because we’re getting an early start on the home buying process. Well, I’m starting to think that maybe we’re getting started too early. Are we not in over our heads with these home owning dreams? We have two semesters left at UTSA and so many vague ideas of what our future is going to look like career-wise and Sebastian’s school district-wise. That second “wise” didn’t really work out. Our biggest concerns are: Will we end up having a lengthy commute to work and school? Is Sebastian’s future school district up to par? we have an almost-three-year-old to consider in all of our decisions. The pro in this big ugly con is that we could pay off this sucker sooner rather than later and move on to the next best and bigger house when we’re ready. Our family won’t be likely to grow past us three. More kids? No thanks. I’m unashamedly vain enough to say that I still want to have some boobs left by the time I hit my 30’s, and maybe retain an inkling of my sanity.

tumblr_mavr650iu31qe0deco1_500 Our big list of 200-some prospective homes has been narrowed down to only 60 houses! We still have a long way to go and lots of gas to waste scoping out the neighborhoods. I think it’s a fun process, but I can do without the constant headaches from looking up and down from Google Maps. No, Apple Maps, I don’t want to use youI ask you where Dairy Queen is and you give me but one location! I know there are more out there than just the one on Bandera.

The other day we ended up in the barrio. You know you’re in the barrio when you see ethnic food markets that advertise “barbacoa on Sundays” in red paint, groups of 3+ young adults walking along a graffiti-clad street, and cars that have probably been sitting on the front lawn for upwards of five years. So, not that we’re total classists, but we don’t want Sebastian to grow up getting art history lessons from a tastelessly tagged STOP sign, or his grammar from a tire shop that replaces every C with a KThat’s so not kool. As a small family that prioritizes safety and good schools, we are searching for a home that provides what we need. Good house, decently sized yard, safe neighborhood, easy access to highways, nearby schools. We had found a home we were pretty interested in, but then a neighbor warned us that the house experiences flooding. Well, that finished that. Right now we’re interested in another house. It has absolutely everything we need and a glass tile backsplash in the kitchen! You know what else the house has? Walls that aren’t wood paneling!

UPDATE: We’re in the process of setting up an offer on a house! We’ll see how that goes.


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