Real Estate Heartbreak Part Deux

It’s like that second boyfriend you had in high school. The one you thought you were gonna go somewhere with. In the end, however, it turns out to have been for nothing. That’s what it was like when we fell in love with a second house and actually went ahead and made an offer on it.

Real Estate is a horrible card game where you suspect the odds are always against you, then BAM you find out they really are against you! It had been a busy and frustrating 9 or so hours for Mauricio and I. He had a difficult and confusing project to complete, and well, I just have to deal with him dealing with that. We both had little sleep and the following morning, or four hours later, our regular schedule was flipped around without much notice. Mauricio had to stay longer on campus and then come home only to return to campus thirty minutes later, I had to drag a mid-breakdown toddler into a dyed-green bubble bath without any help. It’s a challenge. Our realtor calls. We’re flying around the house trying to organize ourselves and our thoughts! Parenthood is a perpetual brain fart! He tells us there are already three offers on the table for the house we were so sure was made for us.

I should take a few sentences to describe the perfection that was this house. The three bedroom two bathroom house is located in a quiet neighborhood made up of families and old folks in a manufacturing district. This isn’t cookie-cutter territory. It was true American Dream sweetness. The elementary school is within walking distance and there is a lovely park just down the street. Best of all: very low traffic. The house itself is move-in ready, meaning all appliances included. For our limited budget, this is ideal. The perks: stainless steel appliances, dark wood cabinets, glass tile backsplash, and new carpets. The house had been completely flipped by designers. It was essentially a brand new house inside. So…

We hurry and offer the full asking price, which the monthly mortgage payments were very reasonable and lower than our current apartment rent payment. A part of us thought we had the sellers by meeting their full asking price, but another part of us didn’t want to get our hopes up. Personally, I like to maintain a feeling of doubt. I want to feel hopeful, but in the words of Red (Shawshank Redemption), “hope can break a man.”

Another bad break up with a house. We had already pictured ourselves living in this house. We knew what DIY projects we wanted to work on first and the first purchases we would make for the interior. Don’t do that. It turns out another potential buyer offered cash. As my mom said, no one can deny a cash offer.

The search for a new home by the end of summer break continues. Fuck, where do we begin again?

Next Time: why I feel the need to start drinking during the day.


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