Safe Travels: To “Tio Vod” and “Tio Fed”

10411413_10204004323858416_2445003579309288386_nThe last time I prayed to God, I asked that he wouldn’t let me fart during a test. (If you flip that around you get “the last time I farted I prayed to God,” lol). I’ve never believed in the power of prayer, and I don’t do it. I like to think that I became an atheist in the seventh grade, but of course I wouldn’t realize there was a name for that until I was nearly out of high school. My brothers-in-law (almost/kinda) are leaving this summer to continue their respective journeys in their careers. We spent the weekend with them, talking about bowel movements during labor and our frustration with the guys’ farting, drinking a lot of alcohol only to realize the next day just how much alcohol that really was. Mauricio asked me last night whether I liked his brothers. Are you kidding me? How can anyone not enjoy the company of Fred and Rod? They’re funny, loud, and very intelligent beneath all those “chinga su madre’s” and “pinche guey’s.” And like I stated earlier, I’m not one who puts faith in talking to some invisible guy that probably doesn’t exist, but when I realized that these young men who I’ve grown close to over the past four years are getting ready to leave for many months and possibly years I felt the urge to pray that they’d turn out alright.IMG_0023

I didn’t end up praying, but they will always be in my thoughts (when the mounting stack of dirty dishes and diaper-filled trash can aren’t). Sebastian’s Tio Vod and Tio Fed. Sebastian is constantly laughing with these guys, and flirting with their girlfriends. Weekends at your parents’ house will be quiet and too calm. Mauricio will without a doubt miss hanging out and drinking Modelo with them, while they crack jokes about their dad (“izza joke“) and uncles. Their parents, I know, will miss them terribly but are equally as proud of them. My parents believe them to be upstanding gentlemen. I have no idea why! Just kidding, you guys. Alyssa and Jessica, I don’t know how you girls are able to face the distance, but you’re both strong for being able to deal with and accept it. Sebastian will be here for you girls. He’s all the Frausto boys wrapped up in one, but several feet shorter.DSCN1745

All I have to say now is safe travels and take care of yourselves. Fred, have fun swimming with those whales and playing soccer for the tribesmen. Rod, don’t crash any Union Pacific trains and keep warm with those socks we bought you. I’m looking forward to the day we can all be together again. (If that happens to be next week, then that ruins the mood of this blog post).


Looking back, I probably should have prayed that god never saw me dance to Christina Aguilera’s Dirrty.


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